Born to Drive

Changing the future of logistics

About Born to Drive

This project is the first of a planned series of projects, where the long term objective is to let production vehicles autonomously drive the entire path from factory to ship/train/truck for further transportation throughout the world.

In this first project, the aim is to demonstrate the possibility of manoevering self-driving production cars from the factory to the factory parking lot for further transport by train and truck.

This includes both prototypes of vehicles, control system as well as rules and regulations for implementation.

Project mission

The mission of the project is to create an automated logistic flow for managing fleets of self-driving vehicles. The goals of the project are the following:

  • Demonstrate that production cars are able to transport themselves from factory to a position for onward transportation;

  • Increase the competence within the automotive cluster in Gothenburg;

  • Engage research within insitutes.

  • Participating companies

    The project is a joint project between eight companies working within the Gothenburg automotive cluster and is partly funded through the FFI and Vinnova

    Participating companies:


    Contact person:
    Lennart Strandberg


    Contact person:
    Martin Wahlgren


    Contact person:
    Magnus Carlsson


    Contact person:
    Magnus Palm


    Contact person:
    Kent-Eric Lång

    Volvo Cars

    Contact person:
    Mikael Edvardsson


    Contact person:
    Arne Nåbo